Outdoor activities and sports

Different outdoor activities are very important for students (for all people). Is important to be physically active and at the same time notice and enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding us.We have the chance to learn about nature and landscape in our local society. The outdoor activity challenge at the same time safe and appropriate our fitness capability. Is important to be physically active besides traditional school physical education lessons and sport.

The Latvian and Danish students (mixed groups) take part on orienteering around the school. 
They had pictures (with school, building, trees, etc.) and some tasks:

Orientation around the school
Healthy Lifestyle 2010
1.   Sort the waste into 4 groups: glass, metal, plastic, paper (cardboard)!
2.   Find eight leaves of different trees!
3.   Write trees names in English, Danish and Latvian!
4.   Paint the school surrounding landscape  what you can see from the checkpoint!
5.   Write five healthy and five unhealthy food products  in English, Danish and Latvian!
6.   Count how many years has a whole group together! Results to write in English, Danish and Latvian!
7.   There are 4 butterflies, three moths and 4 caterpillars hidden in this picture. How many can you find?
8.   Write a greeting to Your friends - in English, Danish and Latvian!

Looking at the photo group of students had to find a place and perform the task.
1. School library
2. Youth hostel/centre
 3. Playground
 4. Stones 
 5. Swing
 6. Flag
 7. Entrance
8. Trees

Some photo moments

Ringolds, Līga, Viola, Kaspars tell about ...
their hobbies. All of them likes sports. Girls like to make healthy food. They do not smoke and it is so great!!! In winter times they likes to play with snow ;) and walk around. They do not like waste around. They are very friendly and positive students.

In one afternoon we together with the Danish students went to sport hall. We had some sports exercises.

In the gym