About our project

Iceland - Denmark - Estonia - Latvia

The aim of our project is to emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyle. Teachers and students from four countries will cooperate to promote healthy lifestyle and teach students to follow it in everyday life being innovative, active, responsible and happy.
With healthy lifestyle we want to share ideas, issues and projects between our school. Students` daily good physical and mental health depends on many factors, for example, clean environment and climate, emotional well-being and  necessary physical activities.
Our aim is also to make students aware of problems connected with recycling, pollution, fair trade, eco products, saving, endangered species and reasons to them and ways of solving the problems in different European countries.
The purpose of this project is to make students understand that they can contribute to the improvement of their health and show them how useful it is to share experience and knowledge.
Our societies need innovative and cooperative members and our purpose is to encourage students`creativeness and innovation through various activities in this project. We also emphasize the consequences of inventions and pay attention to ethics.

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The  Time for Nordplus
Latvian pupils' team:

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22nd -25th of September, 2010, Danish students visited in Latvia, in our school.

Our Folk Dance Group

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In the last evening of the visit Latvian and Danish students got certificates as a Great students in the project An Innovative Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

Teachers - Farah, Ilze and Kristian

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2nd - 6th of May, 2011, Latvian (11 pupils and two teachers) and Estonian students visited in Iceland, Hofsos.