Healthy local food

In the first day when we meet Danish students in Latvia we were in Ķoņi Mill. They came from Estonia.
Hostess of mill told us about history and showed mill. The mill is built around 150 years ago. Here two important crafts are still performed in the old-fashioned way - the flour milling and wool spinning.
Later we tried to bake small pretzel and, of course, we eat them all. :)

24th of September we visited ecological farm "Indrāni". It is very small farm and they produce different ecological products (food). Farmers have found many opportunities how to make healthy food and how to live healthy. We tasted some products, too. :)
 Liene tells about different herbal tea

Food diary
During the Latvian and Estonian students' visit to Iceland all the students wrote a food diary. Now they have knowledge which food is appropriate for their age and how to calculate calories, sugar and fat.

We tasted local food in Iceland, Skgafjordur
Shark :)
Food from Estonia
Jāņi Cheese, rye bread and honey from Latvia

More about Latvian traditional food: The_Cuisine_of_Latvia